Rediscover the
power of sleep

Let us help you get past insomnia.

Rediscover the power of sleep

Let us help you get past your insomnia

Our Happy Clients

It’s a won­der­ful app, it tells you the right steps to re­cov­er for in­som­nia, plus Daniel (the coach) is al­ways there for you, you can ask him any ques­tion and he’ll try to give you a great an­swer and find a way to help.
I would rec­om­mend it to any­one!!

Jose Arias

You won’t be dis­ap­point­ed. So in­for­ma­tive and the coach­ing is so help­ful. The in­for­ma­tion here breaks a lot the myths re­lat­ed to sleep and your sleep anx­i­ety will be elim­i­nat­ed. Get­ting you back sleep­ing wor­ry free!


This app is the per­fect rem­e­dy for sleep­less nights. It is easy and fast to use with the in­for­ma­tion and ad­vice you re­al­ly need. It is clear the cre­ators have done their re­search and that the meth­ods and ap­proach used in this app are ev­i­dence based. It is prob­a­bly more ef­fec­tive, cheap­er, and more time-ef­fi­cient than go­ing to see a ther­a­pist. I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised and touched by the per­son­al­ized sup­port I re­ceived from my sleep coach. He al­ways knew ex­act­ly what I need­ed to hear and was en­cour­ag­ing and pos­i­tive­ly fo­cused about my fu­ture. This app first gave me hope that I could get bet­ter and wouldn’t al­ways be deal­ing with in­som­nia. Be­fore I got this app, I was spend­ing my days ex­haust­ed and filled with anx­i­ety about sleep and my nights frus­trat­ed and wide awake. Now, I have a whole new mind­set about sleep, am sleep­ing every night, and feel so much bet­ter about life! You can do it too! I feel so grate­ful to the cre­ators of this app and my sleep coach. Don’t hes­i­tate if you’re on the fence, this app is 100% worth your time and the mon­ey if you choose to use it past the first two weeks.


I tried it all, meds, doctors, oils, meditation, baths, etc. CBTi was my last hope. After listening to a few of Daniel's podcasts I gave it a shot... Stuck with it and it's changed my life. I now have a natural sleep drive... The app is solid, doesn't take a ton of time and sleep coaching was amazing and so much less than hiring a personal sleep coach.


It's extremely educational. I've learned so much about sleep that I never would have known. Daniel my sleep coach is amazing. He always answered my questions in great detail and showed great knowledge and care.


Let’s do this!

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Curriculum + 1:1 Sleep coaching

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If you want to sleep better than you thought ever possible, this app was made for you!
Designed by a sleep physician, BedTyme uses education and personalized sleep coaching to help you get past insomnia.
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Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

Have an expert coach in your pocket to guide you from day one.

Sleep Coaching

Have an expert coach in your pocket to guide you from day one.
Sleep Coaching

Sleep Curriculum

New modules daily to help you learn about sleep. You only need 5-10 minutes per day. How amazing is that?!
Insomnia Course

Sleep Curriculum

New modules daily. You’ll only need 5-10 mins per day. How amazing is that?!
Insomnia Course

Track what truly matters.

See how your sleep transforms as you learn and work with your coach.

Track what truly matters.

See how your sleep transforms as you learn and work with your coach.

Insomnia Insights

Below you will find free resources in the form of video, audio and text. Many have gotten past their insomnia using these alone!

The YouTube channel was created with the fundamentals in the beginning. However, feel free to peruse and start with whichever video feels most relevant to you.

The podcast has the same content as the YouTube channel and can be listened to from the first episode onwards or in whatever order you feel is best for you.

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May 12, 2021

3 reasons why you get your best sleep when the sun rises

Do you toss and turn all night only to finally fall asleep at the most inconvenient time: when the birds start chirping and the sun rises? If so, know that…
August 13, 2020

I love you, bed

Have you gotten to a place where your bed triggers anxiety? Does just thinking about your bed cause some palpitations and dizziness? If so, it is time for change.  Firstly,…
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