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The Bedtyme Story

A Journey From Counting Sheep To Effortless Sleep

Having seen countless times how effective sleep coaching can be, I am baffled by how inaccessible this simple solution has been. Hopefully, we can change that.

Daniel ErichsenCo-founder of BedTyme

Tell Me A BedTyme Story…

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that insomnia sufferers are among the bravest souls on Earth. Even in the darkest of moments, you cling to the glimmer of hope that you will sleep again. You Google relentlessly in search of the next “hack” that will end your struggles.

The good news? BedTyme is that hack, and it’s rooted in science, deep research, and your intrinsic ability to sleep.

Designed by a qualified sleep physician, BedTyme is an insomnia coaching app that exists to put insomnia to bed for good. Instead of a symptomatic approach that promotes chamomile tea, hot baths, lavender pillow spray, and sleep meditation, BedTyme is anchored in science.

The road to recovery takes time. You’ve made it this far on no sleep. Dedicate the next few weeks to education and personalized sleep coaching, and insomnia will never share your bed again.

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Hi I’m Daniel and I’m a sleep physician, coach and author. I’m the son of a Danish surgeon, an Ethiopian nurse and I grew up in Eksjo, Sweden. I decided to become a sleep doctor because I was curious and I wanted a reasonable lifestyle (!).

Over the past decade, I witnessed first hand what a toll insomnia can have on your life. I also witnessed the magic of education, of having a helping hand and of changing habits.

This is what sparked the idea to create an app.


Hello, my name is Jamie and I am a developmental/behavioral pediatrician.  I grew up in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. after finishing medical school. Helping parents with behavioral concerns like picky eating and sleep issues, I realized how hard it is to ask families to change habits without explaining the science or psychology behind those changes.

Combining our knowledge and experiences we created BedTyme, the first ever app that combines a sleep curriculum with text based personal sleep coaching.

All our teachings are powered by our core philosophy NATTO, which you can learn more about here.

Just in case you wonder, we are married and live with our two kids in Eugene, Oregon. We enjoy hiking, biking and trying our best.