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Meet the certified bedtyme coaches

Your Partners in Peaceful Sleep for LIFE

Coach Alina

Alina became a Certified Sleep Coach after experiencing her own intense, year-long struggle with sleeplessness. After a successful recovery, Alina started sharing her insights on social media, and she quickly started receiving questions from insomniacs worldwide. Helping people find peace on the other side of sleeplessness brings Alina true joy, and today, she draws on her experiences and self-education to bring peace of mind and peace of sleep back to her students’ lives. You can hear Coach Alina’s story here and you can also find her on YouTube and Instagram.

Coach Chris

When Chris was in the throes of insomnia, he vowed that if he ever found a way out, he’d share his story with the world and help others find the same relief. Today, Chris has gone from chronic insomniac to Certified Sleep Coach. He works with people from all around the world to help them end the insomnia cycle, for the last time. To hear Chris’s insomnia success story.

Coach Veronika

The year was 2011 when Veronika’s abrupt switch to night shifts uprooted her life. One night, she came home and didn’t sleep – and the cycle grew progressively worse. While she didn’t think much of it at first, Veronika endured a long 5-year face-off with insomnia. Eventually, she decided to get to the root of the problem. Through self-education, Veronika finally understood what was keeping her awake – and sleep came as easily as it did before insomnia. Today, Veronika is devoted to sharing her insights with others in the hopes of giving them the support she wishes she had during her own personal struggle. To hear Veronika’s insomnia success story.

Coach Brittany

As a fitness instructor and health coach, Brittany understands firsthand the connection between a passion for wellness and trouble sleeping. Her struggle with insomnia first started when she had her first child, and she received the same advice ever new mother hears: Sleep when the baby sleeps. The pressure to force sleep to happen spiraled into an intense fear of wakefulness. But the tides turned when she chose to pursue her passions regardless of how well she’d slept the night before. This led to her competing in an Ironman Triathlon after being awake for days. Today, Brittany is a thriving mother of three and one of our beloved certified sleep coaches. She can’t wait to help you experience life from her standpoint. To hear Brittany’s insomnia success story.


Ellie is our savvy new AI assistant, developed to be your ultimate source of insomnia wisdom and insights. Working with a certified sleep coach is ideal for students who want more personal attention on their BedTyme journey. Our mentors are recovered insomnia sufferers themselves, meaning they understand exactly what you’re going through – because they’ve been there. However, Ellie is a great alternative if you prefer rapid responses and support from “someone” who can answer your questions around the clock – even when you’re awake and alone at 3am. Programmed with all our knowledge and insights, Ellie is your 24/7 compass as you steer away from insomnia and towards a fulfilling life of peace, joy, and SLEEP!

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