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When we have a problem – we want to solve it. Nothing surprising about that. A strategy that almost always is the right one.

Got a leaky faucet – call the plumber. Annoying headache – take some ibuprofen. Can’t find the car keys – figure out where you most likely put them and look there.

For most problems, the solution likes in taking action and/or figuring out what caused it so that can be addressed.

With insomnia, things are different. It is the process of trying to fix the problem that maintains the problem. To solve it, you have to use a strategy that may go against all your emotions and instincts…

….go whale watching.

When you do something enjoyable like taking in the spectacle of huge water living mammals migrating up the coast, you step away from trying to sleep, wanting to sleep and trying to figure out why you’re not sleeping.

Behavioral activation is the technical term for doing stuff you enjoy. If not whale watching then perhaps baking, synchronized diving or yoga. It really doesn’t matter as long as your attention shifts away from sleep.

Attention is oxygen for insomnia. It cannot survive without us thinking about it, trying to do things to sleep and studying our sleeplessness.

Get that behavioral activation going, leave the insomnia without oxygen, and sleep better forever!

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