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Have you wondered what vitamin or neurotransmitter or hormone deficiency can cause insomnia? 

If you said yes, you may be surprised to finally find the answer that is so hard to come by:

The one deficiency that can cause insomnia is being deficient in education. 

If that came as a surprise and doesn’t make much sense right away, no sweat! It will be made very clear in a second. 

What we need to understand before anything else is that insomnia isn’t a bodily state of insufficiency. It is not something that happens when our body is lacking a chemical substance. 

Insomnia is a way we experience the mind state of anxiousness. 

It’s true of course that for example hormonal changes during menopause can make us have choppy sleep because we wake up with hot flashes, but that’s not insomnia. That’s sleep disruption. 

The self perpetuating and ongoing struggle that we call insomnia happens when our brain starts to treat wakefulness, aka not sleeping, as a threat, releasing adrenaline and cortisol as the night falls and it thinks we may face what we have feared: being awake. 

It is a case of a misunderstanding, a lack of education. 

And how can we remedy a deficiency in education? 

Yes, that’s right, by learning.

Case in point: simply by learning that you don’t need to supplement your diet and that there’s nothing wrong with you, you feel some relief. Simply by seeing that being awake isn’t a threat but an expected consequence of being frazzled (we all are more alert when we’ve been frightened), your stress hormones will come down.

You’ll find that without any effort or struggle, sleep will start to happen by itself again. 

All thanks to your willingness to address the one deficiency that can cause insomnia.

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