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Most with trouble sleeping feel that their situation is different, often strange and even bizarre. And it’s not hard to see why this is the case. We shall explore this in a second because it is very important. Believing that your insomnia is unique takes to down a path of looking for a unique underlying reason and treatment. A journey that only leads to more confusion and frustration. Believing that your insomnia is ordinary on the other hand, leads you to see how the approach described here, that works for so many others, will also work for you.

Let’s start at the very beginning – someone going through a series of sleepless nights. From the inside perspective, not sleeping for a stretch of time can seem very strange. Sleeping being something very natural, like eating or thinking, it can seem bizarre that it just isn’t happening.

But as mentioned, this is just the beginning.

Next, having become a bit worried and perplexed, one may want to try to do something about the fact that sleep isn’t happening. Surely taking some melatonin and keeping the bedroom dark should take care of it.

When nothing changes, perplexed becomes confused. When even more efforts make no difference. Confused becomes clueless. And the insomnia at this point starts seeming strange and unique. One may conclude that it is in fact an unusual form because it didn’t respond to anything or because of other circumstances including:

  • You have not trouble falling asleep, just staying asleep
  • You don’t feel sleepy during the day
  • Your insomnia started after menopause
  • You have not trouble staying asleep, just falling asleep
  • Everyone in your family has it
  • You’ve had trouble sleeping all your life

Here’s the thing, we are all unique human beings. Our experiences are unique and many circumstances surrounding our troubles sleeping are unique – but the insomnia isn’t.

Either there’s too little gas or too much braking going on. You’re not sleepy enough and hyperarousal is keeping you from sleeping.

That’s it.

Although it may not seem like it, nothing else matters when it comes to insomnia. Not the coffee, not light exposure, not the neighbor’s cat. Sure, many things can cause some disturbed sleep, but staying up for hours struggling – that’s different. That’s a gas and/or brake problem.

There are many reasons why you may feel that your trouble sleeping is different, strange and unique. It’s not. Neither is the belief that it is different, strange or unique. It is a very common and ordinary belief.

This is not to belittle what you’re going through. Saying that the insomnia is not unique is not saying that it hasn’t had a big impact on your life. But the belief that you have a different kind of insomnia can keep you in a sleepless loop.

You are a unique and special person, but know that your insomnia is ordinary, everyday, uninteresting, regular insomnia. This can make you see how you, just like anyone else with regular insomnia, can go on see progress using the insights and habit changes here.

And that is the path to a place of sleeping well indefinitely.

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